An Introduction

So I’ve decided to start a blog, obviously, about my current journey of preparation for the future. Sometimes the waiting is frustrating. I just want to be out of college and into the “real world,” helping people that need to see God’s love! Will I teach kindergarten in Hawaii? Or second grade in Australia? Be stuck in Minnesota my entire life? Or does God have another plan for me all together? Even when the future is all I can think about, I need to remember that I’m only going to be a Junior in high school this fall. And I have a purpose right here and right now where I am. And so do you, oh wonderful reader, whoever you are! God put us all where He wanted us to be. There are people that need to see God’s love right here right now in my hometown. So I’ll keep living in the present, in preparation for my future. Yes, the waiting is the hardest part. It may sometimes be boring, but it’s a journey. My journey.


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