1,000 Gifts

I’m about a third of the way through the book One Thousand Gifts, and I’ve decided to start my own list of blessings. It’s amazing how much they sound like poetry!

My first 25:

1. soft light through blinds

2. blue skies above me

3. warm sun on skin

4. brand new clothing

5. siblings to laugh with

6. music to imagine to

7. summer break

8. windows open

9. books to get lost in

10. a bed to sit on

11. not having to fear for my life

12. yellow moths fluttering

13. the smell of air conditioning

14. freshly cut grass

15. sparkling lakes

16. a full refrigerator

17. breakfast sizzling

18. The Okee Dokee Brothers

19. dirt roads to explore

20. green, green golf courses

21. a room all my own

22. 25,000 believers in one room

23. high fives with “strangers”

24. outside stillness

25. sequins in sunlight


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