1000 Gifts : Part 2

I’m still currently reading One Thousand Gifts, but I plan on finishing it by the end of November. One Thousand Gifts ties in perfectly with Thanksgiving coming up. And Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time. In November everything outside looks quite bleak, so it’s wonderful to have a holiday that reminds us to be thankful for what we do have.

26. future possibilities

27. apple orchards – real and imaginary

28. simple piano melodies

29. places to explore (even on the internet)

30. yellow leaves lit up by the sun

31. soft scarves on skin

32. piles of dried leaves

33. calm Sundays

34. much-needed sunshine

35. snow falling against the night

36. a pure, glittery covering

37. pink sunrises reflected on the earth

38. warm furnaces

39. classical music

40. waking up happy

41. lost things found again

42. thick socks warming toes

43. dreams of Hawaii

44. a waxing moon lighting my backyard

45. stars surrounding me

46. peaceful nights

47. much-needed warm weather

48. the smell of crayons in every color

49. food to eat every day

50. a place to call home


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