Have Courage & Be Kind: Spring

In March, I saw the new Cinderella movie. It was absolutely beautiful. The music was gorgeous, and the cinematography did not disappoint. Most importantly, though, the overall message of the film – “have courage & be kind” – will stick with me forever. God calls us to show His love to those around us (be kind), and that takes a lot of courage in a world full of hate. So this motto – “have courage & be kind” – is a wonderful one to live by every day.

Also in March, my little sister and I posted our first duet together… Check it out:

I traveled to New York City with my high school band, and loved it there. Walking down those streets, among so many people, I felt like such a part of everything. It’s hard to describe, but when I was there, I felt alive.


In April, I was in my school’s spring play again. This time, I had one of the biggest parts. It was the original Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid, and I was one of the little mermaid’s older sisters. I had this one line where it was just me in the spotlight, and I was talking about my first experience coming up to the surface to see the human world. The wording of my line fit me perfectly: “This is the best of all. To lie in the moonlight on a smooth stone, and to look at the edge of the world. To see the lights of the city twinkle like a hundred thousand stars… and to hear the music of humankind. This is the best of all.”


When prom rolled around, I went without a date – even through grand march. Dates are so overrated. Making Cinderella entrances is way more fun.


And that brings me to where I am now. There is only one week left of school (I can’t believe I’m writing that!) and even though I don’t really like high school, I don’t really want to leave yet, either. It seems like my teenage years have only just begun, and now I’m just being thrown out into the world. Sometimes I want childhood to last forever, but there are grand adventures ahead…

We can only “have courage & be kind.”


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