Two Poems I Wrote


I want to close my eyes and face the sun

‘til all the blackness fades to light

lie in the grass after a run

and fall asleep at noon so bright

jump and twirl in a yellow dress

barefoot watering the flowers

on my hair feel the wind’s caress

never measuring the hours

then set up a camp and tent

so we can watch the daisy’s birth

and the apricot sun’s descent

as little bugs fly from the earth

Great White 

I jump in the boat that’s parked to the right

We speed along, laughing and smelling of fish

Then halt to a stop, my flippers go squish

No clouds in the sky, it is all bright

The camera clicks on, and so does its light

This is the moment; I’ll soon get my wish

Fins, tank, and mask are checked off with a swish

But I feel sudden fright, is my wetsuit too tight?

Slowing my breath, I push away fear

And then my whole body is under the blue

Sun ribbons on floor, everything clear

Peacefully floating through deep aqua hue

That’s when I see her, smooth, graceful, and near

I turn off my camera, and take in the view


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