Hello Again

so here i am, sitting here listening to johnny bond, writing a post to procrastinate writing another post. next week (let’s hope) i’ll post a little piece i’m writing for my environmental writing class about a place. (ah the ambiguity…)

this summer i caught pokémon and drove to cañon city, colorado with my family:

then came school again. i think it’s safe to say that first semester kinda sucked. autumn brought horror after horror for too many reasons to count: in my own life, the lives of those closest to me, the lives of millions of americans, and really just too many lives to count around the world.

but here i am, already in the heart of second semester sophomore year. changing a bit yet again from what i’ve previously said, i’m now majoring in environmental science with a minor in art. my dream has now shifted to look like hopping from national park to national park, and then working on an organic farm while developing my art career. this would include some sort of writings of mine being published, and building up an illustration/animation portfolio.

anyway, i think i’ve listened to “goodbye old paint” too many times tonight, so i’ll end this post for now. ***


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